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Fluff the Gigantamax eevee

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POKEMON160 Wedpm05Wednesday19
I just had to draw this after they announced the new dynamax form for eevee! :3
Advertisement Satpm22Saturday19
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>< Spirit >< Thuam37Thursday19
I yeah I just saw this!
>< Spirit >< Thuam38Thursday19
If ya hug the fluff you lose the will to fight (ง’̀-‘́)ง
Garnet107 Thuam40Thursday19
But why would you ever fight something so adorable?
POKEMON160 Thuam58Thursday19
Yeah, why would we wanna fight a big ball of fluff! :3
DarkFlameOSecrets Thupm18Thursday19
>< Spirit >< Thupm31Thursday19
Oooo ya comic is on rising stars :3
POKEMON160 Thupm06Thursday19
Yes I know!!! :D I’m already getting famous in smackjeeves! XD
>< Spirit >< Thupm36Thursday19
Could you draw a dynamax meowth? I love him as he looks like long cat ( If u need a name call him Larry Long X3 )
POKEMON160 Thupm06Thursday19
Yep I’ll do him! And hahaha I love the name tho! XD
InvertedPikachu Thupm40Thursday19
do gigantimaxed CHonkers (thicc Pikachu)
POKEMON160 Thupm09Thursday19
Yep, I’ll do it too right after the gigantamax meowth!
Jellyblob Thupm15Thursday19
It’s Eevee but thicc floof
POKEMON160 Thupm23Thursday19
Yes yes it is! XD